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Unveiling the Next Chapter of Grow More Fire Genetics

It's with great excitement and a passion for cultivation that I, Grow More Stress Less, am thrilled to share the latest chapter in our cannabis breeding journey. From humble beginnings in a 4x4 grow tent, my journey has led me to the cusp of something truly extraordinary.

Embracing the Journey:

Just a few short years ago, I embarked on a path that was fueled by passion and a desire to create exceptional cannabis genetics. Today, as I stand on the threshold of our most ambitious projects to date, the sentiment remains unchanged – to grow more, stress less, and deliver the best genetics.

Introducing the Upcoming Projects:

1. Project "Black Amber Fusion": Our first project takes inspiration from the High Fructose Corn Syrup "Black Amber" cut. By crossing this gem with a lineup of super hot, gassy strains including Gypsy Road, Garlic Itching, Cadillac Rainbow, Biscotti X Sherb, Glitter Bomb, Platinum Lemon Gelato, and Jelly Truffle, we're crafting a fusion of flavors and potency.

2. Collaboration with Craft Farmer:

Project "Candy Gasoline" represents a collaboration

that's as sweet as it is bold. In partnership with Craft Farmer from Northern California/Santa Rosa CA, we're diving into a candy/gassy lineage. Our star, "KTK" Kut Throat Kandy, cross of (Wedding Cake X Sundae x Zkittlez) x Runtz, takes center stage as we cross it with powerhouse strains such as Pink Runtz, Black Cherry Runtz, White Gummy, LCG, White Runts, and the uniquely named "Lung Repeater" and "Galactic Warheads," both Craft Farmer cuts.

Project "Sub Zero #12":

The finale of our triumvirate of projects combines two of my personal favorites, Sub Zero #12 and Super Buff Cherry #26. By creating S1 seeds from the revered Sub Zero #12 and crossing it with the magnificent Super Buff Cherry #26, we're anticipating a symphony of traits that capture the essence of our journey thus far.

Join the Journey:

I invite you to join me on this exciting expedition. As we strive to deliver the best new wave of genetics, your support and enthusiasm are invaluable. Stay tuned for updates, release dates, and behind-the-scenes insights by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media/IG @growmorefiregenetics

Thank you for being a part of the Grow More Fire Genetics family. Together, we're cultivating dreams and redefining the cannabis experience.

Keep growing, keep thriving, and always remember – grow more, stress less.

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