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 Welcome to the Kut Throat Kollection Pheno Hunt Contest!

We are excited to see your dedication and expertise in hunting for the best cannabis candy phenotypes.

Please carefully review and follow the rules below to ensure your entry is considered.

1. Eligibility: The Kut Throat Pheno Hunt Contest is open to all legal residents aged 21 and above in jurisdictions where cannabis cultivation is legal. Only those who purchase the Kut Throat Kollection box set will be eligible to participate in the contest. Once you have purchased the Kut Throat Kollection box, you will receive a unique Jason ticket that allows you to enter the contest. (You can keep the ticket) you will be able to enter by your order number.

2. Entry Requirements: a. Germinate the feminized seed flavors of your choice. Grow the plants until they are mature enough to take clones (we suggest at least 3-4 weeks until the plant starts shooting uneven lateral branches) you need at least 2 rooted clones. b. Take clones from the above seed plant, which will now serve as your NEW mother plant and the plants you plan on testing and hunting during the flower selection process. Disregard the original Gen 1 Seed plant. We do this to eliminate any early variances. c. We suggest growing the clones for 2-3 weeks and then flowering them. Take notes during this veg time on the structure and how the plant looks, and what the stem rub smells like. d. Flower the plants. Take detailed notes on the growth, aroma, and any unique characteristics of each pheno you are testing. Keep us posted on IG with the hunting process by tagging @growmorefiregenetics @craft.farmer @craftfarmer707 e. Once you believe you have identified a WINNING pheno, follow the steps below to enter the contest.

3. Testing and Submission: a. Visit the website and order a Full Panel Test ($390). This test will provide a comprehensive analysis of your pheno’s THC %, that no pesticides were detected, terpenes profile and cannabinoid content. b. Send 14g of dried flower samples along with the required fee to New Bloom Labs for testing.

The test turnaround

time is 36 hours. Contact New Bloom Labs with any questions. c. Once you receive the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from New Bloom Labs, contact to obtain instructions for submitting your flower samples, COA, and your entry in clone form. d. Send in your 14g flower sample, COA, and the selected clone to be entered into the Contest.

4. Prizes: a. The Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 and a Super Large Cut Throat Kollection check for keepsake. Additionally, there will be multiple additional prizes of $1,000 for each pheno that we like. b. Prize winners will be selected based on the quality, potency, and unique characteristics of the submitted phenos.

5. Judging: a. All flower samples will be evaluated by a panel of experienced connoisseur guest judges who will assess the aroma, appearance, potency, and overall quality of each entry. b. The judges' decision will be final and binding.

6. Ownership and Rights: a. By entering the Contest, participants grant the organizers the right to use their submitted clones, flower samples, and any related information for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes.

7. Compliance with Local Laws: a. All participants are responsible for ensuring compliance with local laws regarding the cultivation and possession of cannabis. b. The organizers of the Contest bear no responsibility for any legal consequences faced by participants for non-compliance with local laws.

8. Important Note:- We aim to create history and celebrate the cannabis community through this contest.- Follow all rules and guidelines provided to ensure a fair and professional pheno hunt experience.

*Please note that these rules are subject to change and any updates will be communicated through official channels

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