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Super Buff Cherry S1

Super Buff Cherry S1

Super Buff Cherry S1 (Super Buff Cherry #26 X Super Buff Cherry #26) 


Super Buff Cherry #26 was created by crossing Blockberry-Super Boof Cut (Black Cherry Punch X Tropicanna Cookies) with Relentless Genetics Tropicana Cherry (Tropicana Cookies x  Cherry Cookies f3). 

 As you can observe from the lineage, there are a lot of Tropicana Cookies & Cherries in the mix. 


I m very confident that with this cross, I took the best of those incredible genetics, pushed them to the next level, and created something spectacular, Super Buff Cherry!!!


Hunting Super Buff Cherry was a fantastic experience, and I stumbled on a lot of unique phenotypes that were bursting with color and flavors. 


I ended this pheno-hunt by finding my keeper on pheno #26 out of 33 seeds. 


Super Buff Cherry #26 it’s a fantastic vigorous plant on Veg that will create thick lateral branches. 

She is a pleasure to Veg her since she is so easy. She gives us growers many beautiful tops and an easy-to-manage flat canopy. 


She transitions into flowers very quickly, and you will find some beautiful purple flowers as soon as day 14. 


Later in flower, she starts packing quickly, putting out a show. 

You can expect a lot of color and frost out of her. 

She is an early finisher, and she is ready to harvest by day 56, an actual eight weeks flower plan,t. 

The buds are pink, dense, and super frosty with a tropical fruity smell & taste. 


She is a perfect 50/50 hybrid that tests around 26% THC and washes very well. 

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