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Are you ready for Super Buff Cherry S1 DROP?

After almost a year after creating the original Super Buff Cherry (Blackberry/Super Boof cut x Tropicana Cherry) and pheno-hunting it, I've decided to give to my customers a new, more stable, better version of my favorite strain.

I've decided to release Super Buff Cherry S1 seeds that were created by crossing my incredible Super Buff Cherry #26 pheno with herself so I can create Super Buff Cherry #26 S1 seeds. By doing this I can offer my customers the best Super Buff Cherry that I found at an affordable price!

If you want to be the first who gets his hands on some of those seeds use promo code: 3SUPERBUFF at checkout and you will get 3 unreleased Super Buff Chery S1 seeds with every order.

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John B
John B
Mar 05, 2023

Beautiful Flower 🥶


Let’s gooo!!! 🏆🔥

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